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writing the statement of purpose / statement of intent

November 25, 2012

lisa hammershaimb

So yeah….first you think that you want to do something and it seems like an amazing, great, life-changing thing. You’re excited…you’ve got traction…you’re ready to go out and be courageous and totally make it work!

And then you realize that you actually have to make some academic stuff…papers specifically…and though you can write like a champ, hmmm….writing a statement of purpose is a bit harder than kind of just spouting ideas into the deep chasm of the internet. : )
But….it’s coming together slowly but surely. For anyone else out there in the magnificent abyss that is the internet world, I found a great website with lots of tips from Central European University.

Basically the idea is to capture your reader’s attention from the very beginning…learn from JK Rowling and hook them before they even realize it…then take them on the story of you. Tell about your past and how what you’ve done in the past has prepared you for studying in a serious way. Tell next about your proposed course of study. (What do you want to study and why is this such a natural outgrowth of your past that it totally makes complete sense and the only crazy thing would be you not doing it?) Close with your future plans. What’s the big picture and why is it totally essential that you put in your time in this particular program? What’s at stake?

It seems a statement of intent is kind of the mini story-of-you and when I think about it that way, it’s not scary….well, not so scary. The Story of Lisa….drama, intrigue, passion, adventure, and of course, academics and a tiny puppy….hmmm…..

(you can see the official site here.)

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