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December 9, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

801 progress
So, my first doctoral class has just officially ended. Goodbye EDDE 801! It has been a wild wild journey but I have come to love you and being my first…yeah, you’ll always be special to me. : )

Though I have yet to receive my final grade or final paper feedback, being alive, still somewhat enthused about my future research area, and not suffering from any odd stress-related physical ailments other than some deeper character-enhancing wrinkles (and also apparently from the photo above, my hair actually has stopped growing?? a bit odd, but I guess something had to give) feels like a good victory.

As an added bonus, a reduced work load means I can actually get back into blogging because all my words are no longer reserved for making witty, erudite and insightful discussion postings, papers, etc. Hahaa…or rather I actually have some words to write (a month ago that was very decidedly not the case as many painful discussion postings where syllables far outweighed actual meaning no doubt proved I was grasping for anything beyond basic grunting!)

The plan for the next month-ish is to finally update all the bits and pieces of the blog that have fallen into disarray (readings, travels…2014 aka the year-of-the-conference…and cool people who I am now a smidge connected with) and get the blog back to running on a more regular schedule so that next year when magical 802 begins, I’ll already be blog-writing-addicted and not have to publish so much posthumously but, gasp, actually be able to write as it’s all happening. Or at least in theory that would be a great idea. So…here’s to the future, whatever that might hold!

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