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DAY 2: rambles & choices…

January 21, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

I’ve decided, almost certainly, to accept the position…Lisa Hammershaimb, Senior Associate Dean. Wow…three years ago I was prepping to finish grad school, praying for a teaching post so I could give up my in-house graphic design job and work from wherever, whenever. I came to this field because I wanted autonomy…little did I know I would fall so deep for distance education. And then some fairly significant bumps and road twists would bring me to being both a doctoral student and someone in senior leadership…at just barely 32. Hahaa….life, you are indeed a crazy wonderful thing.

And… hopefully this firming-of-decision will transition this blog from the personal space to find mental clarity back to the Academic Writing Shrine that it was intended to be. What a week it has been and it’s only the middle of it…but yeah, tonight won’t be concise or insightful or anything but rambling, tired, disjointed musings because I am so super tired and emotionally drained from weighing the pluses and minuses of making a change that is both totally invigorating and totally unnerving. Ha. Sounds a bit like academia itself, eh? Invigorating, unnerving, with a hearty side of tweed.

In the quiet calm after making a decision there is an amazing tranquility. I’d imagine this must be how it feels to know that your research proposal has been accepted or even that your dissertation itself has been approved…it’s the quiet that comes only after there’s been tremendous struggle and wrestling and more than likely a couple tears…and the quiet’s rarity and transience makes it all the more sacred.

We’ve already established that this post is mostly meaningless and in service to my own desire to be totally Pharisaical in my 500 words once daily (provided I’m not stuffing my face with bone marrow, truffles, or mozzarella or…maybe chugging down Manhattans). So, to fill space and avoid grammar, here are a couple truths for the foreseeable future in this new position. I know I won’t remember these truths when things get janky, so perhaps by listing them in the internet land I’ll at least have them somewhere to reference. And maybe in the future I’ll see them and feel some kinship with this very raw unformed girl who, fueled by rye and adrenaline, first typed truths late at night. If I do remember tonight I will for sure smile at the ways life does indeed form and shape us beyond anything we can imagine. Here is to the journey….

Remember Lisa:

  • You are courageous.
  • You are strong.
  • Your ideas are interesting, provocative, and transformative.
  • Your voice is worthy to be heard.
  • Your ideas have value.
  • Others will follow your path, if you show them the way.
  • Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak.
  • Invite people in.
  • Remember…learning-as-cocktail-party not learning-as-lecture.
  • You are and were chosen.
  • People are human, treat them as such.
  • Lead with grace and truth.
  • Lead with humor.
  • Your time is yours alone.
  • The world doesn’t rest on you…disconnect daily.
  • All emails don’t need a 5 minute response.
  • Know the context of your students before you judge or discount….Better yet, never judge or discount.
  • Call out the best in people whenever you get the chance.
  • Ultimately, let go. You too are human so give yourself love, care, and grace first…out of that all else will flow.
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