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Day 5: the 10 minute challenge

January 24, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Alright….I’ve slacked off enough for two days and am feeling bits of guilt and rebellion regarding my lack of writing (though in my defense, I have been thinking lots and senior AD training and engaging in intentional community and doing all sorts of things to justify not writing). So…10 minutes before the X Games broadcast starts is totally enough time to write 300-500 words about vaguely academic stuff, no?


The 802 Assignment 1 research question is what’s been running in the back of my mind for the past few days and what I want quite badly to formulate in a cohesive enough version to have something to run past the cohort and George by the beginning of next week because the whole assignment is due in just over a month…and yeah, by that time it needs to be full baked. But it feels like the more I think about it the bigger it all grows and I need to nail it down but I am feeling super non-commital because I don’t want to nail it down before I should and…yeah, I’m just wasting time and calling it exploring. Or maybe I am legit processing and filtering….who knows.

So, here’s what I’m interested in:

  • Curriculum
  • Instructors
  • Students
  • Graphic Design
  • Face to Face Studio Culture versus Online Studio Culture
  • Self Efficacy
  • Growing into yourself as a designer
  • teaching students to see multiple correct answers to any question or creative challenge
  • enforced independence (a la Rhizo 2014)

And…here are some questions:
How can graphic design online curriculum be designed to move students from relying on the instructor to give them the correct answer to being confident in contextually evaluating the situation and finding the best answer themselves?

What part of a curriculum or overall online class experience creates self efficacy?

How do students learn to think like designers as opposed to thinking like students?

How can programs build more independence into their design students yet still “teach” fundamental proficiency skills?

Does the lack of physical presence amongst design role models or mentors impact designer’s personal confidence in their skills? What role does physical proximity play in developing design students confidence and efficacy?

How can online classroom spaces more closely resemble the intimate, safe, personal studio spaces in which that design has been traditionally taught?

How can social media be used to replicate the intimacy and immediacy of a face to face studio?

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