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February 1, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

It’s Saturday, a day that I don’t generally post because it’s the weekend and I want at least the illusion of having some boundaries and unplugged balance in my life, but well, I’ve been a total slacker this week on blog-tastic updates and I’ve also been almost totally research consumed today so it seems that this post should indeed happen. So…new ideas are indeed abounding!

On Tuesday night I emailed a rough version of all I’ve been considering to my supervisor just to get out of my own personal universe and see if my ideas had any merit in the larger light of the system and…it was helpful. Not so much unadulterated praise for my own brilliance and witty prose and earth-shattering research area but gentle rebuke surrounding the lack of structure under my multi-syllable words, a suggestion of a new book to read, new academic to begin internet stalking or rather following, and an overall evaluation of “interesting and important research question though these ideas are rabbit holes thus you need to be clear about what ‘tacit’ means in your context.” Hahaa…clear about tacit, yeah that’ll be a breeze to pull off because every one knows tacit means….well….

…Or maybe there’s a better slightly less massive question out there for me? Who really cares about tacit anyways??

Since then I’ve been taking lots of deep breadths, reminding myself I have what it takes to get this all done and reading articles and my new fav textbook, Psychology of Learning for Instruction like it was a love letter written only for me. And honestly it’s been so good for both me as an academic and the very very small gains in my research ideas. No lies, it’s been terribly inconvenient because the Bachelor just started and I did just transition into a new job which is requiring larger chunks of my brain to train into and most of all, I’m just inherently intellectually lazy, but I will say I do feel lots more grounded than last week when I was kind of picking the words that sounded the best to me and trying to stitch together a proposal out of them.

So…where am I now you might ask? (Or most likely not because though I keep saying this blog is going to be all straight-laced academic, all I do is endlessly dear diary post after post thus my reading base is probably only going to be the lisa-of-next-year.) I love this idea of creating community in graphic design classes taught online, specifically looking at how social media, blogs, etc. can replicate the dynamic studio culture that has been a traditional hallmark of design education. I think that if you can get students connected to a larger story and a larger narrative, then they will stick with it when things get hard and succeed. Even more, I think that if you can give students some sort of scaffold to support them (ie positive communities) it will create the skills necessary to ensure that once they graduate they won’t be these weird creative egomaniacs, rather they will be well rounded, collaboration-oriented designers who can bring a bit more good to the world.

So yeah…I love community and I love identity and I know you can’t marry your very early ideas just like you can’t marry your first kiss, but still I think there’s merit to these ideas. Hahaa…or at least merit for today’s pondering pathway.

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