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DAY 3: Donald Schon, yet another academic bestie

February 12, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Last night I finally took the leap and downloaded the Kindle version of the book that it seems like everyone who is anyone in the world of studio learning seems to cite pretty continuously, namely Educating the Reflective Practioner. It’s by Donald Schon and it’s fabulous because it’s all stuff that I know so deeply from experience and yet had no idea that anyone in the legit academic-stuyding world actually studied.

It’s late and I’m exhausted so I won’t try to give an erudite summary of the parts that I’ve already devoured because it would all just be rambley and incoherent, but I will say that Schon gives such dignity to a process of learning that I think can often be overlooked because it’s so far outside of the traditional means of academia. What I want to do is take that same idea of ennobling to these studios that can happen in places that don’t have physical walls but rather live in the wires and screens of the world. In a lot of ways, Schon demystified the studio learning environment and if I could be like Schon 2.0 with the online studio I think the repercussions could be pretty profound for not only design and art-based fields but for other fields too to bring in so much more reflective-learning via distance methods pedagogy.

So yeah, I think I too am going to jump on the book-quoting bandwagon because it is pretty amazing…and after I sleep for a long deep chunk of time, it will be interesting to see what emerges…

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