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5303. shazam.

February 15, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Yep, almost at the 6000 mark and with all the edits and tweaks and citations…I should be right. about. there.

Assignment 1, you’ve been a joy to construct and a highly reflective exercise (appropriately enough!) in self-knowing but I will say I think it’s time for us very very soon to part ways. You to be jetted away to a computer screen in Edmonton to be prodding and stretched and analyzed and looked through—me to somewhere with truffles and pasta and cheese and red wine that flows like a fountain and very low lighting. Ahh….or at least that’s the mental dream in things.

But yes, it’s almost done and it’s most likely not going to win any awards or earn me a mark of perfection but I’d say it’s a decent grapple with how one might want to go about studying community building in undergraduate online graphic design virtual studio spaces.

And now…off for sleep so tomorrow I can proof with fresh eyes, gather all the citations, and think of a compelling title for it all.

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