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DAY 5: Assignment 3

February 28, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Yep…I’m just that much of an overachiever that even before finishing Assignment 2, I am already scheming just what I might do for Assignment 3. But, lest I seduce you all into thinking that I am a model Type A student (which though I think I have brief flashes of…I am pretty sure I’m not) here’s some rationale for my forward thinking weekend, presented in logical + academic numbered points.

1. I am giving my Assignment 2 presentation on a Tuesday, March 11.  (and fun fact…all day March 11 I have my first ever jury duty session…for the first time ever, I’m hoping to not make the cut.)

2. March 13-16 or, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I’ll be attending the AIGA Design Educators Conference where I’ll once more be partying it up collaborating and connecting with other design educators about how to better teach and reach our student populations.

3. Assignment 3 is due Sunday, March 16.

4. I’ve been invited to an epic St. Patrick’s Day party on Monday, March 17.

So yeah, basically the week of March 10, I’m going to be toast. The last conference I attended I realized that after about 4 hours of full-on conversations and meeting people and being social and nodding at all the appropriate times and asking smart questions, all I wanted to do was sit in my quiet hotel room, stare at the wall, and drink beer. Legit I love conferences and the energy and inspiration, but it takes all of my focus to process and keep myself “on.”

Here’s what I have to do for Assignment 3:Outline the conceptual framework for your potential area of research and selected paradigm that you started to develop in Assignment #1. Your conceptual framework should be described succinctly in one to three paragraphs and will likley be accompanied by an image. Possibly using a concept mapping tool.

Next outline your literature review by providing an overview of three or more major themes for your research topic. These themes should form the basis of a story that you are using the literature to develop and will shape your literature review. Describe what you will be looking to identify in each theme of the literature review and why these themes are important to your proposed research project.

And for anyone who is wondering a conceptual framework is defined as: a diagram that depicts the variables in the research and the relationship among them. (sourced from here)

So, basically I’m looking for variables in research and relationships amongst them. And then there will be a pretty picture to go along with it. Variables, relationships, pictures. Sounds like a plan.

And then the literature review. What’s a lit review, you might ask? Good question! It’s defined as: A literature review discusses published information in a particular subject area, and sometimes information in a particular subject area within a certain time period. The focus of a literature review, however, is to summarize and synthesize the arguments and ideas of others without adding new contributions. (sourced from here)

With the lit review I will be basically defining three or more major themes about my research direction and then find the papers to settle me into the discussion. I won’t actually be doing the lit review rather I’ll be showing how I would do it, if I was doing it…if that makes sense.

Tomorrow is March 1.
March…conceptual frameworks…literature reviews….yep, totally MFEO.

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