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DAY 1: Assignment 4 Begins…

March 24, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

And, proposal writing is put on hold for a little bit while the final monster to conquer, Assignment 4, takes precedence. I’ll admit I wasn’t all that worried about Assignment 4 until after meeting with the cohort last night. I think the past month+ has been so challenging+stretching in so many professional/work/personal ways that all I could conceptualize was what I needed to do in the next day or two. The end of April felt like forever away and Assignment 4….yeah, pretty much a 6000-9000 word mirage because I was drowning in the dailies.

But after meeting with the cohort, hearing them ask questions I didn’t even fully comprehend, and looking at the calendar and realizing the sobering fact that April begins like…next week I realized the monster is actually way closer than it appears in the mirror.

So, I know you’re probably wondering…just what is Assignment 4? Glad you asked! Basically it’s called “Planning Research Strategies” and is meant to mimic the “methods” section of my real dissertation. (AHHH!!! real dissertation!!!….sorry, just needed a textual freak out moment because honestly I felt way closer to a real dissertation about a year ago before I knew all I didn’t know…if you know what I mean.)

But anyways, the idea is that we’ve already got brilliance in the research questions, paradigms, inquiries, etc. and now it’s just time to hammer out the research methods, then examine the prospective data collection and analysis strategies (of course, keeping consistent with preciously established theoretical/philosophical orientations and practical research methods). Cake, right? Hahaa….if only.


So far I’ve just purchased Creswell’s Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches so that seems like a good start. Second should probably be to start reading it…or maybe sleeping with it under my pillow, ever hopeful in the whole osmosis thing. And then third is going to be most likely going back to my Assignment 1 and hoping it welcomes me like an old friend and not a jaded lover. It’s crazy because for awhile I was too close to it and I couldn’t even bring myself to read it because it felt a bit suffocating. Now I almost don’t even remember what I said in the first place and there is a bit of me that’s kind of excited to go back and see what it was all about. It’s especially interesting because since writing it I’ve been to a hardcore design educators conference which I think in many ways drove these ideas home a much more real way than they’d previously been living in my own head. I’m hoping it doesn’t cause me to get all muddled about where I was before but I guess something inherent in the research and writing process is that it’s such a big thing thus it takes a long time thus you have to learn how to manage your own voice so it all stays consistent. I’m good (I think) at managing this such chatty, conversational voice but the academic one….hhmm….we shall see.

But anyways…as most things have gone, I think I’ll be fine as soon as I begin. And I think if I can hit 7,000 words with references I’ll be golden. 9,000 words….yikes.

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