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May 15, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

So it’s now mid May. Class officially ended on April 20th. I was going to take a week off before buckling down and crafting a plan for summer research. The I was going to take two weeks off because seriously, I had a pretty intense couple of months. And now suddenly almost a month has passed and oddly enough…I’m ready to get back to work. This process feels a bit like recovering from a 50K. At the beginning, you never want to run again and even the thought of running makes you feel a bit ill. All you want to do is eat cheese puffs and Nutella (though not together), drink beer, and sleep. And then you get a little itchy for just a short run…and then you’re hooked and back at it and planning the next crazy hard and painful adventure because in all honesty even the lusciousness of Nutella pales in comparison to how alive and strong you feel when you’re running and every part of your body is vacillating between throbbing pain and rushing endorphins.

So yeah, I’m there with the whole academic writing and research thing. I’m beginning to get itchy for some research and feel like I’ve finally got enough words built up in me to again begin to write and enough mental space to again reflect and actually see something inside me. Exciting!! And totally freaky because I’m no longer a total novice and I now know what it takes out of me.

I think first off, I need to come up with a summer plan which is what I hope to do tomorrow and this upcoming weekend. As far as back-to-school prep, I know that 803 will be coming in September, which is Teaching and Learning in Distance Education. Good news is that if anything I should have lots of practical experience with both teaching and learning so I’m hopeful that the class won’t be a complete new-learning time.

The somewhat challenging news is that I am pretty much up to my own devices this summer and it’s daunting to have so much freedom after I’ve been so conditioned to orient my life around deadlines a class has imposes. I think this time will really help me when I am totally free and just working on my dissertation so maybe my first goal will be to return once more to the 500 words-a-day routine. Even if it’s boring stuff or bad writing or poor grammar or whatever. Just writing to write so that when I need to write for something larger I’ll have those muscles already developed.

And then reading too…and being exposed to new ideas too…and reflecting on them…and…and…and…endless list making could occur right now since it’s late. But enough for tonight. For tonight, being back is enough and committing to writing regularly is enough.




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