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2017 resolution 1: talk more words.

January 8, 2017

lisa hammershaimb

The end of 2016 witnessed a flurry of academic activity as I finished the year with both a (fairly) baked version of my dissertation proposal, and an approved committee!

Because the supervisor is a bit of a renegade (and I’m up for experimenting) we’re interacting with the committee in a somewhat different way than others in my cohort have done at this step in the process. Basically, my first meeting with my committee will happen this week and I’ll be doing a quick intro presentation of my research. This presentation will hopefully lead them to being deeply intrigued by my topic and deeply impressed by my professionalism/logic so the remainder of my candidacy will progress in a quick and painless manner and when they receive the written version of my proposal, their comments will be minimal. (I’m fully aware that none of these things may happen and indeed the complete opposite may be true but…the year is young so its good to remain hopeful!)

Below are slides and accompanying written narration which will most likely approximate what I’ll say in the actual, actual presentation. As usual, comments, suggestions, alerts to glaringly misspelled words, etc. is always welcome. You can also download a PDF version here: hammershaimb_introproposal_presentation.

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