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day 3 (of 20)

April 4, 2017

lisa hammershaimb



  • Created a super basic chart about studios and the part of the trifecta that I think my work is tackling. Basically studio learning seems like it traditionally has established methods, an established space, and an established human and all the learners are swept up in this kind of three part experience. My research questions exactly what is meant by “space” in the whole scheme and I’m coming from a somewhat (okay…completely) biased place that thinks we should create a broader definition and see what is possible if we push on and push out the walls (haha) a bit.
  • Decided that if content is in fact Queen…trying to develop the visuals for a presentation first probably isn’t the best idea. So in light of that…today I began writing “Words to Talk” otherwise known as the script that will guide this whole soiree. Long live the Queen. You can read it here: Proposal_Outline_030417 (*Disclaimer: first time compiling in Scrivener so it feels a little weird in layout…or maybe it’s just because American Typewriter came as default and though I never use it in real life because I’m probably just too snobby about analog reproduction stuff, I’m totally digging it here.)


  • Today was about consciously making myself sit with these ideas and wrestle a bit so the words would situate themselves into the right spaces. Though I was almost as squirmy as the words and ideas, I’m glad I made myself stick with it because it is slowly building and holding together.


  • I’m less scared today. And I’m one million percent certain that this check in with myself was a good thing to start because it gives me a focus that’s way more productive than craft beer, HGTV, or re-reading Harry Potter books.


  • Continue (hopefully finish) script 1.0
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