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day 5 (of 20)

April 6, 2017

lisa hammershaimb


  • Completed script 1.0 and here it is: Proposal_Outline_030517!; Major celebrating ensues (*major celebrating is defined as going to sleep without an alarm set) 
  • Set a practice date for presenting to the cohort (7 days away!) as well as to the research lab (14 days away!) 


  • Mostly more of the same not-so-glamorous copy/paste and tweak and move and write and delete and re-write. I think it all makes sense in overall flow but will most likely run it through the post-it note wall test tomorrow to see how it all maps out.

Today there continues to be the  “are you excited?” and “how do you feel about it all?” questions thrown my way. Though I made up situationally appropriate responses each time, at the moment I honestly feel nothing which is nice. If I prod a bit I am pretty sure I can stir up some feels but at the moment…I think I’m totally good with blank.


  • (Maybe) map all the words out to check flow
  • Begin working on layout
  • Talk the words four times
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