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day 6 (of 20)

April 7, 2017

lisa hammershaimb



  • Completed script 2.0 (after realizing script 1.0 was way way long). Though I will not say this is the final…I think at just over seventeen minutes in length this is well on the way to being the final. (Also, seventeen minutes of super syllabic words basically feels like an eternity.) You can read the new script here: Proposal_Outline_030617
  • Began work on layout ideas + iterations (see image above)

Today was all about sitting in the sun and writing. The good news is it was quite productive. The bad news is I have hands and wrists that look roughly like a lobster because apparently when one is in high country sun all day, sunscreen is the new hand lotion. Good. To. Know. Ironically the rest of me is fine. I know a “farmer tan” is a thing but I’m beginning to wonder if there is such a thing as a “writer’s tan.”

I am going to be saying A LOT of words in the near future. Though I routinely teach thus am no stranger to saying lots of words…these words feel much different and definitely way more loaded. I’m trying not to stress and not to think about/make these words defining me words but yeah…it’s daunting and I’m intimidated.


  • Maybe go skiing.
  • Definitely go see some art.
  • Oh, and talk the words…lots of times.
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