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day 13 (of 20)

April 14, 2017

lisa hammershaimb


  • Two successful presentation run throughs to the parents. (My dad now has a million questions about what exactly I’m studying, what degree I’m getting at the end of all this, and told me it’s pretty amazing the wide wide open world of things I’ll actually be qualified to do in the not too distant future. Both my parents have begun thinking up both possible tough questions the committee will ask and also the appropriate ways I should answer. Related: I could not love these lovable weirdos more.) 
  • One successful presentation run through to the cohort. (First time presenting to actual academics and the verdict was overall positive! As these people know so so so so much, getting their affirmation makes everything feel more manageable and is a super good distraction to the crazy voices in my mind and the pulse of low grade anxiety that seems to have taken residence in my stomach. Related: doing life with a cohort really is the best way.)

Today was all about beginning the process of practicing talking these ideas out loud, in earnest. Somewhere between 16:30 and 18:00 is still a crazy long time to talk continuously but I think if I can keep doing it consistently (and multiple times per day) between now and next Friday I can build up a bit more endurance and confidence.

Today’s been a big, good shift in my overall outlook. Hearing praise on many fronts really helped bolster me. In addition, hearing tough questions that I don’t have the answers to at this moment was also a good wake up call as it’s giving me another thing to focus on that might take my mind off all the talking. Here are a couple:
Why am I excluding educators in fully online programs?
What’s my estimate of participants required?
What do all of my trustworthiness variables really mean?
Constructivism vs. Social Constructivism….which do I actually mean and why?

Good good stuff. Now time to figure out some good (and clever and grounded in actual published work and such) answers.

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