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day 15 (of 20)

April 16, 2017

lisa hammershaimb


  • Cleaned up tiny design details within the slides.
  • Cleaned up tiny wording details within the script.
  • Recorded the full presentation and began the listening to aid memorization. You too can watch and listen!

Today was a good, steady work day broken up by lots of sunshine and walks. Time off yesterday was definitely worth it as today I could focus way better.

After listening to the recording, I think overall I sound great! (and oddly like I am from the East Coast at times…apparently my inner New Yorker comes out in times of speaking all the words…good to know.) This was a good confidence booster as admittedly the mental picture I have of myself delivering this content has yet to reach the view others seem to be assuring me they see in me. Hearing myself helps me get enough distance to be able to pat myself on the shoulder (metaphorically) and say, “Wow Lisa, you may be scared but good for you showing up and getting it done!”

Easter it up! And….begin working in earnest to memorize stuff because me talking is a million times easier than me reading out loud.

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