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countdown to convocation: day 14

March 15, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 14
Convocation Countdown: 49 days
External Update: One external, (still) confirmed.

Totally missed yesterdays check-in because its been a mad creative fest of slides and scripts and trying to distill all. the. words. of the dissertation into under 20 minutes of brilliance. I think I’m also still hungover on all the feelings from the past couple weeks. The good news is I think I’m mostly there to the presentation (and nowhere near there for being processed through the feelings). The even better news is all the world can see and read it by clicking here: DisertDefen_Presentation_script

And if anyone who has made it this far wants to be an overachiever, you can give me feedback. Or, bonus points you can read a bit of it out loud and then pass along the recording because clearly the world needs the Lisa Dissertation Remix and at some point soon I should have some free time on my hands to actually make cool stuff and learn new things.

Two things to note:
I don’t have a reference slide yet. I know this is terrible because I have references listed in the script and one image that isn’t my own. I will fix this another day.

Also, the first slide has no date because I have yet to have an “official” date set for things. I am being remarkably zen in this not knowing. I have a feeling the people in charge of setting a date (who happen to be the same people who were in charge of finding an external) are beginning to place bets on how long I can go before I begin checking in obsessively and asking for updates. In all honesty, I’ve got enough to do on my end so I don’t think I’ll be emailing anytime soon but…I might just send a quick and chatty update about life because clearly after two weeks of about four emails per day…they’re probably missing me, eh? : )


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