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countdown to convocation: day 15

March 16, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 15
Convocation Countdown: 48 days
External Update: One external, (still) confirmed. (Related: I’m almost to the point where I fully believe she won’t dump me and we’re in it for the next month.)

Today news came from the Faculty of Grad studies that the first week of April seems to be most conducive for all my committee members thus scheduling for a specific date/time within that range will now begin. If you’re keeping score, the first week of April is basically like just over two weeks away. #WOAH

Doctoral life once again astounds me with its ability to go from glacial time to super galactic time, especially when you least expect it. Last week at this time no one had even agreed to read my dissertation. Just wow. Also, I’m still so thankful for an external who said yes.

So it is now time to enter into the for real, for real practice and memorization and question-anticipating phase of preparation. If all goes well pretty sure the next two-ish weeks will see me once more, as happened with my proposal, begin dreaming these ideas because they are so much the theme of my waking life. If all goes well one month from today all the variegated bits of life as a doctoral candidate will begin softening to a hazy memory.

Here’s to the journey!

(and of course…here’s updated slides + script. Thank you community! It does indeed take a village. DisertDefen_Presentation_script )

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