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countdown to convocation: day 16

March 17, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 16
Convocation Countdown: 47 days
External Update: One external, confirmed, celebrating our one week anniversary.
Presentation Update: Slides + Narration V3 complete

I have a feeling in the future I won’t remember a lot of the specifics about this past month and these upcoming weeks leading up to the defense. (In all honesty, I kind of hope I don’t remember all that much about the specifics because they’ve tended a bit more toward the painful as opposed to the warm and fuzzy.) However one thing I think will stick with me is the weird way time has warped and shifted and progressed at a pace altogether unlike neat linearity one comes to expect from time itself.

Today marks one week since I learned an external did indeed say yes. One week in theory feels like a somewhat significant amount of time and yet it feels like I learned about my external maybe just yesterday…it feels like it can’t possibly be seven days later. Going back through my dissertation to create my presentation has the same sort of time warp quality to it only in the opposite direction. I conduced this research not even a year ago and did the bulk of the writing this past October, November, and December. It feels like I completed this maybe three years ago…it feels like it can’t possibly be just three months old.

Tomorrow I’m headed to see the movie, A Wrinkle in Time. While I know it is about things entirely different and somewhat dystopian, wrinkled time does feel like an apt description of this experience and learning to move with it and not be thrown off by its irregularities is yet another literacy that comes from this journey.

On a less philosophical note…fully updated the slides + script so now on V3. The latest iteration clocks in at just about 17:30 which is basically on par with my proposal presentation length. I just sent it off to the supervisor for his blessing. Once more, updates are visible here: DisertDefen_Presentation_script_V3

I hope my external likes orange…maybe I can ask the Faculty of Graduate Studies to ask about her favorite color. I am sure that’s a common request, and they’re probably for real now pining for any sort of communication from me since its been a whole week! : )


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  1. March 17, 2018

    I’m amazed at your thinking – out loud and proud! It’s keeping me glued to the edge of my seat as I vicariously share this journey with you! Who knew you’d be the main character in this story – not just wrinkling in time but stretching, pulling and folding time too! Learned my new word for the day in your presentation – expatiate! Keep your head up…. sending warm thoughts through the plasma-sphere!

    • March 18, 2018

      hahaa! thanks so much helen! it has indeed been quite the ride and so glad to have you (vicariously) along for it. : )

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