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countdown to convocation: day 21

March 22, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 21
Convocation Countdown: 42 days
Rehearsal Update: Partial memorization; Full run throughs beginning

Today I created the first recordings of practice-palooza. Two weeks from today I practice with the cohort. Two weeks and two days I give it for real, for real to the committee. Things are beginning to feel very real. I am totally thrilled (and only a little bit terrified.) I am calling this progress.

Curious how it is all coming together? You’re in luck! Below is the full 18 minutes and 29 seconds!

p.s. Please forgive the awkward giggles, excessive paper shuffling and lack of references. I can’t promise I will be able to totally get rid of the former two elements but I will add the latter slide. Eventually. : )

p.p.s. What questions should I be prepared to answer?



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  1. hjdewaard #
    March 22, 2018

    Here are some resources that Catherine Cronin tweeted out – they may be helpful for the Q’s you’ll face
    1. Ignatia de Waard’s blog post
    2. PhD viva guide from NUI Galway specifically pgs 14-17

    Hope these are helpful as you countdown! Your shadow of support!

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