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countdown to convocation: day 24

March 25, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 24
Convocation Countdown: 39 days
Presentation Countdown: 13 days

Today the plan was to begin working on answers to anticipated questions. The first question on the list to tackle was “Why are you choosing ‘collaboration’ as opposed to ‘cooperation’? Be prepared to discuss collaboration and justify your choice.”

Turns out, it’s a super hairy topic and one that I didn’t even know as a “thing” until I began researching it and now I kind of wish I could turn back time to a simpler time when I didn’t know it was a “thing.” I think I am going to hold strong in the idea that transposing perspectives ultimately represents a traverse of positionality, thus educators don’t so much look to instill in learners this idea that through a division of labor they can complete a task rather, educators look to instill in learners this idea that they can create something new through mutual engagement and coordinated efforts. Granted this whole ability for learners to collaborate might come from educators who have cooperated but…we might keep that on the down low.

After tackling my first question I decided it would be good to learn a bit about my external so I spent the rest of the day reading her dissertation (coincidentally she finished it when I was finishing up grade 6….clearly the synchronicity of me finishing grade school and her finishing her doctorate means we are MFEO.) I loved it all and now kind of want to become an instructional designer when I grow up. It is also super interesting because she wrote it in 1994 when educational technology and this whole technology mediated classroom concept really was in its dreamy salad years of unlimited potential. Its easy to forget how fast things have changed. In all honesty, it is totally plausible I’ll be someone’s external examiner in 2042 and they will read my dissertation and it will have the same glow of nostalgia to it. Ahhh….time.

Anyways, I didn’t get as far as I’d hope in the list of potential questions but I feel like I might know my external a bit more and from what I am imagining…I’m totally a fan. I hope she thinks I’m cool too.

Also, I managed to be almost totally off script and talk the presentation for almost 20 minutes so I’m also calling that a win. You can see the recording below.


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