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countdown to convocation: day 26

March 27, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 26
Convocation Countdown: 37 days
Presentation Countdown: 11 days

I’m pretty sure I am in the “middle” of this whole preparation endeavor. It is not quite close enough that I am feeling feverish yet I’ve lived in the knowledge of April 6th for a week so I’m mostly used to it and saying it no longer catches in my throat.

This journey has taught me that the fairly tranquil middle, where everything feels so slow, seems like it will last forever but actually goes by in a flash. Because of this, I am trying to savor the right now and the right here. It mostly isn’t working because I’m equal parts totally impatient and totally terrified to get this done. But sometimes it does work. Tonight is one of those times.

It’s raining here for the first “official” time this spring. It’s good to hear and it’s good to imagine things that have been long underground beginning to drink and beginning to wake up…beginning to grow. I don’t think any of the great metaphors tonight stirs align with my research which already feels like it is entering the “going to seed” phase of things but it is good to still listen to the rain. In the middle, which implies an ending is on the horizon, it is good to remember things made new.

And on a totally unpoetic front…17:50. Mostly off script. Once again #win.


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