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countdown to convocation: day 28

March 29, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

March 28
Convocation Countdown: 35 days
Presentation Countdown: 9 days

In completely unrelated news…I am now freshly tattooed. Interlocked rectangles for balanced geometry and, somewhat, in keeping with my overall slide design. I am telling myself girls with fresh balanced geometry tattoos are presentation wizards. I think I just might believe it. And yep, I’m totally wearing pajama pants in this pic and did put them on shortly after arriving home. It has been my experience that healing a tattoo is legit self care on a whole new level and…that level is best executed in flannel.


And….because clearly this whole “girls with fresh balanced geometry tattoos are presentation wizards” is a research proposition that needs testing and not just blind speculation, below is the most recent run through with all the slides (even though admittedly that References one doesn’t get any play…just trust me, it is there as the stoic 44.)

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