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countdown to convocation: day 33

April 3, 2018

lisa hammershaimb

April 2
Convocation Countdown: 29 days
Presentation Countdown: 4 days

As I’m getting ready to finish out the day, I feel ready to do this. I don’t know if this is a developmental thing or a practice thing or me finally feeling all the positive support that has been directed my way come together but….I think I actually might survive Friday. Even more, while it won’t be “fun” in sense that drinking fancy cocktails on a rooftop is fun or shopping for cute new shoes is fun, I think there may be a chance that some parts of this process might have the slightest hint of fun to them.

I have not felt this before and it may wear off and become replaced by the much more familiar ones of low grade panic and inadequacy but for the moment I am savoring this feeling of grounded whole…this feeling that I will me okay in the end and just maybe my tribe, the network, is right in their positive affirmations. If you have believed in me…thank you. And please keep at it! I think it just might be beginning to work…forgive my slowness.

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