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why do we need theory?

September 11, 2013

lisa hammershaimb


(Quote and larger article by Randy Garrison and can be found here.)

shocking news!

June 22, 2013

lisa hammershaimb


(I know….I’m still spinning from the implications of this! Seems to me that cohorts aren’t all about holding hands around the campfire and singing Kumbaya….sometimes, they actually aren’t a good fit!!)

see full article here.

master’s degree versus doctoral degree…

June 9, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

“Doctoral program are not like Master’s programs; they are not designed to lead to “mastery” per se.  Doctoral programs, ideally, should help individuals understand that “mastery” may be applied to only a very narrow subject area or professional field.  Doctoral programs should help to make participants aware that the more one learns about something, the more questions are created. And that these questions are more nuanced and deeper than the cause-and-effect or how-to questions typically encountered in prior learning experiences.  At the Master’s level, we hope those completing such programs can diagnose and repair problems.  At the doctoral level, we hope those completing the program can analyze, from a variety of perspectives and in some substantive depth, problems by taking into account the complex reality within which they are embedded.”

—John R Goss III, Cohorts as Intentional Learning Communities

wisdom from Vonnegut…

June 6, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

“What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.”

–Kurt Vonnegut


I know that this quote has been widely circulated but the more I read and think about cohorts in this crazy venue called distance education, the more I see myself filtering my ideas on their value through this master idea of community, connection, and our constant longing as humans to find someone else (or a group of someones) who says, “me too”…who is no stranger to our own experiences. Maybe it’s romanticizing on my part of maybe it’s my own optimistic nature about the human experience. Or maybe it is indeed truth…

Will cohorts save the world? Probably not but…can members of a cohort be catalytic in saving one of their own during a dark moment in the battle? I think so, and as a new member of a cohort who anticipates more than a few very dark days ahead…I hope so.

small wonders…

May 13, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

“They [miracles in daily life] quietly demand to be noticed, not for their own sake, but for ours because the small wonders in life must ignite our souls if we have any hope of comprehending the large ones.”

-Bryn Clark, All My Roads

In life. In teaching. In students. In the daily mundane.

May we have eyes to see…may our souls be ignited.

moving forward…

March 16, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

Things Ahead

Buckminster Fuller on Education

March 14, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

“But, of course, the university itself won’t be anything like what it is now…The individual is going to study mainly at home. And the great teachers won’t have to spend their time delivering the same lectures over and over, because they’ll put them on film. The teachers and scholars will be free to spend their time developing more and more knowledge about man’s whole experience–past, present, and future…Today’s students know instinctively that his world is dynamic, not static, and that the normal state of affairs is constant change and evolution.”

Buckminster Fuller, The New Yorker, January 8, 1966

let’s be delightful, okay?

February 20, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

create delight

“Delightful design attempts to make the work more pleasurable for everyone involved in it, and in doing so, makes the designer and the audience more aware of one another. This seems to be a foolish thing to say, but without the empathy that delightfulness requires, it’s quite easy for the designer to be short-sighted and see the design work as a set of logistical problems to overcome or creative challenges to master, rather than an opportunity to produce something that enhances someone else’s life. The warmth and exuberance of communication and the accommodation to the audience necessitated by delightful design also makes it easier for the audience to spot the presence of the designer in the work. The work becomes more humanized in its tone and effect, so it becomes easy to see that there are people behind it.”

Frank Chimero, The Shape of Design
This may be about design in particular, but I’d stretch it even to the design of our own distance education endeavors….in order to produce transformative learning experiences we must incorporate delight and engagement and in order to connect with our very human students, we must transcend the cold blandness of the virtual environment and find a way to connect as humans. Why yes, being a delightful distance educator sounds like a great thing to me!

wisdom from Nora

February 17, 2013

lisa hammershaimb

best story wisdom yet...


December 2, 2012

lisa hammershaimb

“For whatever we do, even whatever we do not do prevents us from doing its opposite. Acts demolish their alternatives, that is the paradox.”

–James Salter


Just read this great quote from James Salter via Tim Kreider’s article The Referendum in the New York Times. Being 30 (almost 31) and embarking on this new journey makes me say a very hearty yes….

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