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about pixels + tweed

Hi. My name is Lisa. You can learn all the good stuff about me on the about page.

I started this blog way way back when I began work on my EdD in Distance Education with Athabasca University. Back then, I was investigating how graphic design education could (and was) making the jump from being fully place-based to being increasingly decentralized and online. I finished my research in 2017 and happily embraced my identity as someone interested in a very niche subject matter.

Three years later a pandemic happened, everyone and everything went online and…the rest is history. I’ve kept this blog going in fits and starts and am now using it to investigate what happens next i.e. how you do not just decentralize the space, go online, etc, but how you actually do so in a way that remains equitable, hospitable, and most importantly human first.

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