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about pixels + tweed

Hi. My name is Lisa. I am a graphic designer and a design educator, working in the distance education division of a college located in the States.

I believe a comprehensive design education is essential to teach students how to engage contemporary issues and produce a value-adding end product. Traditionally this education has been acted out in a physical classroom space but as both the product of a distance learning MFA program and a graphic design distance educator, I believe higher education does not need to be limited to the physical setting of a traditional classroom.

Graphic design distance education is in its infancy. It has much to learn from its more established ground school siblings. But, as graphic design distance education comes into itself it has the potential to open the doors of knowledge to a whole new range of designers whose voices, skills, and creative problem solving would benefit us all.
My goals in this project are: to investigate what makes a successful graphic design program, to explore how distance education might implement the successful practices of on-ground programs, and ultimately to improve both the quality and capabilities of graphic design distance education.

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