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DAY 2: rambles & choices…

January 21, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

I’ve decided, almost certainly, to accept the position…Lisa Hammershaimb, Senior Associate Dean. Wow…three years ago I was prepping to finish grad school, praying for a teaching post so I could give up my in-house graphic design job and work from wherever, whenever. I came to this field because I wanted autonomy…little did I know I would fall so deep for distance education. And then some fairly significant bumps and road twists would bring me to being both a doctoral student and someone in senior leadership…at just barely 32. Hahaa….life, you are indeed a crazy wonderful thing.

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December 2, 2012

lisa hammershaimb

“For whatever we do, even whatever we do not do prevents us from doing its opposite. Acts demolish their alternatives, that is the paradox.”

–James Salter


Just read this great quote from James Salter via Tim Kreider’s article The Referendum in the New York Times. Being 30 (almost 31) and embarking on this new journey makes me say a very hearty yes….

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