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March 13, 2015

lisa hammershaimb


…of an EDDE804 Assignment 2 presentation style.

I’m much too close to giving the presentation (and still too hyped up on post-presentation everything is awesome adrenaline) to be capable of any logical reflections on how it actually went but, I’m going to tentatively say that it was a good one. My partner and I didn’t talk over each other, didn’t have awkward pauses, and best of all seemed to channel a good synergy from point to point. I thought it would be a stretch for us to hit 30 minutes but we cruised past 40 and could have easily hit the hour mark had there not been another group. In addition everyone seemed to love the slide designs and visual metaphors. As I had such fun designing these and could (if ever asked) go into a very long winded deconstruction on each element….this feedback especially made my own little designer heart very very happy.

Overall verdict: thankful.

And now, to the co-authored paper we go carrying this happy energy with us…..

To view all slides, presentation deck can be accessed here.

distance education and ford….

February 3, 2015

lisa hammershaimb

Or rather Fordism, which though based somewhat on Henry Ford who we all know and love doesn’t actually mean that it’s education you can do in your car (though legit, who doing an online program hasn’t “been in school” while in the car? Indeed when I was homeschooling in high school I completed a lot of my work while in transit on trips and outings or in the words of my mom the “real stuff of an education” but anyways….)

Fordism is a system based on industrialized/standardized mass production. In layman’s terms, it’s factory precision and predictability. It’s also proven reliability at a reasonable price, able to equip the masses with consumer goods and not bankrupt them in the process. The beauty of Fordism is that whole swathes of people who were previously out of the loop now have purchasing power and provision.

Post-Fordism is, as the name suggests, what happens after Fordism and is the era that we may of may not be living in now. In post-Fordism, the production aspect doesn’t go away instead a world of specialties and specialists emerge. Rather than the factory notion of workers popping out products in rigid lockstep, there is a focus on distribution, separation, and pleasing the individual. In Fordism, it seems it was enough to just get stuff. In post-Fordism…there’s attention to the unique human element of individualism and personal choice. I think this distinction makes post-Fordism pretty amazing but also adds in all sorts of temperamental complexity.

Education–as is often the case–has followed these themes as well. Where once the “Fordist” values of getting it done prevailed, now we’re a bit more into the post-Fordist space where we must not only get it done but allow people to be changeable and specialize and do all the quirky things people tend to do. I again think post-Fordism a good thing in theory but it’s a rough thing for education, particularly education that is distance distributed.

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