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day 5: encounters

May 16, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

My goal for the rest of May is to get comfortable taking intentional time each day to expose myself to new ideas. These ideas don’t have to have anything to do with graphic design, studio culture, online learning, or what I’m doing in my academic sphere rather just need to be things to expand my own mind, make new mental connections, and help me see the world in new ways. So, for the new little bit I’ll use this space to track cool new stuff I’ve encountered…and I think it’ll be interesting to see what emerges!

What I Read:
Inside the Science that Delivers Feeds

What I Learned/Thought:
“…the model of continually streaming updates has come to define how we consume information. We’ve grown accustomed to a world in which data flows by us, letting us dip into the stream whenever, wherever, and however we want.”

So so true. It’s all feeds now and feeds are how I both waste time and learn vital information. I really like the bite sized aspect where you can learn more if you choose or not, depending on your proclivity. I also like the personalized nature of a feed. It’s not scary that it knows me…it’s convenient. Could learning follow some sort of feed stream? Would it be expecting too much of students? Even more…could instructors trust students enough to learn from a feed?

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