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breaking down assignment 1, part 1…

January 27, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Step 1:  Describe your area of research interest.
(So what? Who cares? Why is this area of investigation interesting and important, both personally and from a scholarly perspective? AND What are my own assumptions about the nature of reality and being, aka ontology? What are my assumptions about the nature of knowledge and knowing, aka epistemology?)

Step 2: Choose TWO research paradigms that resonate with you and are suited to your research interest
(Why these two in particular? What does their unique energy bring to the research party?)

Step 3: Show how the different research paradigms shape research questions (3 to 5-ish)
(You’ve identified the strong suits of the paradigms above…now break out the questions that emerge from them! Don’t over think things…you’ve already done the hard work.)

Easy, right? hahaa….

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