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Nanowrimo: Day 10

November 10, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Final Assignment 2 for EDDE803….because legit editing just over 3,000 words feels pretty much equivalent to writing a mere 1500. Granted I had some help and some proof-ers but still, this was a bit of a mini beast and I am glad to be 45% complete with the course.

Want to read it in all it’s APA glory? Of course you do!

Read the final paper here.

Nanowrimo: Day 6

November 8, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

aka….Assignment 2 for 803.

So, I’ve been writing like a banshee for the past few days  and while I’ve got nothing clever to put into this little blog entry if you follow this link: Hammershaimb_EDDE803 Assignment 2 Discovery-Based Instruction you will find an almost finished version of the paper in handy PDF format.

It’s clocking in at about 12-ish pages and 3,000-ish words. We shall see what happens and how or if it changes in the near future but I think it’s almost good to go. That said, I am still having title issues so that needs to get commented on and cleaned up. And APA issues. And maybe flow issues. And most likely confidence issues. : )


Nanowrimo: Day 3

November 4, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Today’s been all about academic writing and specifically creating spotty first drafts of academic writing pieces that will be polished up over the course of the next two or three days.

The fun, reflective, spontaneous stuff is sadly on hiatus as ALL the words are going into the assignment-generating front. Good news is that the thought of a 2500 word paper actually isn’t all that intimidating since I’ve been cranking out the 1500 word monsters for the past three days. Bad news is that cranking out 1500 words of self reflective spontaneity on whatever happens to be happening to me makes it a bit harder to get back into the somewhat more prescriptive ways of academic writing. Metaphorically I feel a bit like I am going from the yoga pants of reflective writing into a Brooks Brothers suit. Legit I like both of them (and hope as a versatile academic with an emergent research bent I can navigate both with ease and grace) and yet as in dressing, the first time you pull up your Spanx after a long time being a bit more free and easy….it can be a bit of a challenge. APA as Spanx feels like the genius metaphor of the day! If only all the words weren’t already gone.

Because nothing is finished enough for blog posting, we’ll just have to go on the honor system that today’s word count is about: 1656….Cha-ching!

last week I did this….

November 2, 2014

lisa hammershaimb


Discovery Based Instruction is a pretty wicked cool thing. Don’t know what it is? No worries! I won’t write endlessly and expect you to read it, rather click the image above or click here to watch a video overview and discover it for yourself!

And be sure to turn up your volume as it’s got audio.

ancient wisdom

October 20, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

na’aseh v’nishmaor, if your Hebrew is a bit rusty, “We will do and we will understand.”

I’m in the thick of creating a presentation and writing a paper on Assignment 2 for 803 which is all about an instructional method or approach. I chose Discovery-Based Instruction because I like the sound of it and I liked the feel of it and the more I learn….the more I like it. As generally happens when one begins to enter the tunnel of research/writing/thinking about a topic, everything in the universe somehow converges to have a deeper meaning that somehow encompasses whatever lens you happen to be seeing through per your studies. For me, this past week nothing has been experienced without a small part of me trying to find the “discovery-based instruction” element to it and indeed it’s pretty uncanny all the places it’s shown up!

This most recent addition was spoken to me tonight by a Rabbi more in passing than anything. Basically this is what the Israelites said when standing at Mount Sinai and Moses first brought down the Commandments. Generally you think you have to understand first and then you “do” but here the people inverted that idea and it was quite purposeful. The idea in this turn of phrase is that for you to truly understand, it’s vital that you have the doing part first. Understanding without doing is empty and vapid. Bingo!! Discovery-Based Instruction is clearly divine!! And had I not been “doing” all this research and reflection…I’d never understand the connections. Genius. : )

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