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Three Minute Thesis…Practice Time, Pt. 1

March 10, 2016

lisa hammershaimb

AIGA Head, Hand, Heart Pecha Kucha

October 16, 2013

lisa hammershaimb


So I gave a Pecha Kucha at last week’s AIGA National Convention (If you click on the image for the video, forgive the slight rotation early in the video. iPhone cinematography isn’t quite as precise as it could be…)

Me, the once totally crazy fearful public speaker stood up and spoke for almost 7 minutes and it was kind of amazing. And I might be kind of addicted to this presentation thing. Or perhaps just the feeling of accomplishment when it’s over and you haven’t passed out or anything!

But seriously, the presentation felt like a win on many levels for me. Not only was I a successful short presenter but I also began to get the word out about DE in graphic design. Up until now one of my major trepidations with my research in general is how it will be received by the larger design community. Design education has some very tradition underpinnings and I’ve only really ever been on the distance learning end of things so going into a presentation in front of instructors who actually teach in face to face classrooms and have only really know a face to face studio model, I wasn’t sure how they’d come to find my ideas. That said, I couldn’t have been better received. Everyone I talked to expressed interest and though they were perhaps a bit hesitant they did say that they believed that this is the move of the future and were glad that I was getting into the arena and being a voice for good and a voice solidly grounded in the design world. It was an encouraging experience all around and I now see quite a few more conferences (and even a couple of presentations) in my future.

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