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capstone project in progress

April 17, 2015

lisa hammershaimb

version 1
version 2
version 3

version 4…ready to begin seeing the larger world.


DAY 2: exhale.

March 11, 2014

lisa hammershaimb


It. Is. All. Over.

Jury duty, Assignment 3 conceptual framework, Assignment 2 presentation, and probably all of the chemicals my adrenal glands had stored up for the past month. Today was a cacophony of experiences that in many ways are completely out of body. I thought I’d have a ton of words to process it all, but it turns out…not so much. All I really want is whiskey and sleep and to feel my own permanently tense back muscles revert back to their flesh and blood state as opposed to the rock solid masses they’ve become.

That said, there’s no doubt in my mind that this path, however hard or confusing or stressful it may feel at times, is precisely where I should be at this moment…these battles are exactly what I should be fighting and this dread-mixed-with-ecstasy is changing me for good and refining me for whatever future is in store. and in that, even in the midst of so much chaos there’s a weird tranquility that legit I have no idea how to explain.

So, enough for now and enough words for one day. Here’s a link to my Assignment 3 if anyone in the wider world wants to see it and my hand prints (which like the design nerd I am, I’ll totally admit still make me so happy to see.)

Good night world. See you tomorrow.

DAY 5: Assignment 3

February 28, 2014

lisa hammershaimb

Yep…I’m just that much of an overachiever that even before finishing Assignment 2, I am already scheming just what I might do for Assignment 3. But, lest I seduce you all into thinking that I am a model Type A student (which though I think I have brief flashes of…I am pretty sure I’m not) here’s some rationale for my forward thinking weekend, presented in logical + academic numbered points.

1. I am giving my Assignment 2 presentation on a Tuesday, March 11.  (and fun fact…all day March 11 I have my first ever jury duty session…for the first time ever, I’m hoping to not make the cut.)

2. March 13-16 or, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I’ll be attending the AIGA Design Educators Conference where I’ll once more be partying it up collaborating and connecting with other design educators about how to better teach and reach our student populations.

3. Assignment 3 is due Sunday, March 16.

4. I’ve been invited to an epic St. Patrick’s Day party on Monday, March 17.

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